Other Activities

In addition to its core actuarial and consulting services Chi-X-Re works in partnership with other specialist consultancies to propose broader services or joint project responses to clients.

Our company also actively promotes its social investment strategy, focussing on the S in ESG.

Our Partners

We work with a select group of niche consultancy firms in different countries or on occasion with independent consultants who form part of our network and have the relevant expertise and skills to meet our client needs.
Our proposition is to use our global perspective to match our client’s needs for specific technical expertise with the skills of senior actuarial professionals.
We aim to leverage our international network of partners , matching their skills and their professional profiles to help our top tier clients access them and connect to them wherever they are virtually needed. In doing so, we facilitate connections between global actuarial talent and our clients requirements.
Our proposition, provides alternatives in the current context of the War for Talent, the Great Resignation wave started in 2020 and the concomitant trend to hybrid and remote working post-Covid 19.


Social Investing

Chi-x-Re has considered how it can align itself with the ESG objectives of its key stakeholders and its clients given its scale and the nature of its activities.  In this context it has specifically prioritised social investment through the following initiatives:

  • Selecting service providers and partners that promote gender equality
  • Supporting business owned by women
  • Investing in businesses and start ups in the geriatric or elder care to tackle problems such as isolation, loneliness, independent living, living conditions and affordable frail care for the elderly
  • Supporting charities that help the aged and promote social inclusion of the elderly

Our founder

Our founder, Carmela Calvosa, is a qualified actuary whose insurance and actuarial experience over the last 24 years, for more than 20 clients and 5 employers in 30 different countries; each with their own variations of life and non-life insurance products, local regulations, systems constraints and reinsurance arrangements.