Our Services

Sometimes the short term challenges that present themselves at critical times for reporting or project delivery , can seem like insurmountable problems. Having the right experienced resource in place to help achieve short term goals can be an ideal tactical solution when such needs arise. At Chi-X-Re we believe that successful projects rely on key success factors: communication, collaboration, clarity. This is even more important when unexpected internal or external events create operational uncertainty. See below for the different ways in which we have helped our clients with their projects and resources.

Financial Reporting

Our services and experience cover a broad range of financial and prudential reporting standards:  IFRS 4, IFRS 17, US GAAP, French GAAP, Solvency 2, SAM, etc. Whatever the requirements (review, audit, execution, implementation, process improvement or defining the methodology), we offer an experienced perspective to meet your needs.


Risk Management

We offer advice and support in a range of areas for insurers including risk reporting and monitoring, risk policy reviews, risk modelling,  and ORSAs. Our experience covers a broad range of insurance and operational risks.


Interim Executives

We fill your temporary requirement for senior or strategic positions such as CROs, Heads of Actuarial Function or Senior Management Team members. We understand there may be circumstances when your key senior executives and most experienced resources are unavailable (maternity leave, illness, sabbaticals) and we may be able to assist.  We have experience in situations where new roles have not yet been permanently filled or when an additional experienced actuary is needed for a specific short term project.


Longevity Risk Management

Longevity risk is a specific area of research and development for Chi-X-Re, aligned with our social investment objectives . We consider that the transfer of longevity risk from individuals to insurers is a key way in which insurers can make a difference to a key societal problem, aging populations, and ensure people’s financial security is maintained in the most vulnerable period of their lives.


Our founder

Our founder, Carmela Calvosa, is a qualified actuary whose insurance and actuarial experience over the last 24 years, for more than 20 clients and 5 employers in 30 different countries; each with their own variations of life and non-life insurance products, local regulations, systems constraints and reinsurance arrangements. She has also performed both buy side and sell side due diligence and worked on post merger integrations.

She has worked with hundreds of actuaries from all over the world on projects that have shaped the evolution of the industry over those 24 years:  Solvency II, ICA, IFRS 17, SAM – and in doing so has built a wide network and depth of experience. She has trained board members, led and built teams, and coached trainees and junior actuaries.

Throughout her career she has been privileged to have been in roles such as chief of staff or deputy to various Chief Actuaries, Chief Accountants, CROs helping them execute their vision for the functions they lead and playing a key role in the implementation of their strategic projects. Through Chi-X-Re this is what she continues to do.