Our Company

Chi-X-Re is an alternative risk and actuarial consultancy founded in 2020 by its President, Carmela Calvosa, a citizen of the world and a global actuary. Chi-X-Re was launched in the time of lockdowns but its ambition and purpose of flexible actuarial resourcing is not at all confined by geography.


Our Services

Financial Reporting

Our services and experience cover a broad range of financial and prudential reporting standards:  IFRS 4, IFRS 17, US GAAP, French GAAP, S2, SAM,etc.

Risk Management

We offer advice and support in a range of areas for insurers including risk reporting and monitoring, risk policy reviews, risk modelling,  and ORSAs.

Interim executives

We fill your temporary requirement for senior or strategic positions such as CROs, Heads of Actuarial Function or Senior Management Team members.

Longevity Risk Management

Longevity risk is a specific area of research and development for Chi-X-Re, aligned with our social investment objectives.

Our Clients

Our clients are international insurers, reinsurers, consulting and audit firms in Europe, Africa and Middle East who all have the same business needs: the short term requirement for senior insurance or actuarial expertise. The need for quality assurance, oversight of delivery teams, support for their senior management and leadership on key insurance projects.  The projects can vary and range from strategic finance transformations to the implementation of global reporting standards to  cross-border due diligence. 

We specifically support our clients who have critical resource gaps at key executive level (for example: Actuarial Function Heads , Risk Directors, Senior Project Actuaries, Head of Internal Audit) in cases where these gaps are short term whatever the reasons (for example:  leave of absence, maternity cover, organisational change, executive search in progress).

Worldwide Credentials

Chi-x-Re leverages more than 20 years of actuarial and risk management experience into bringing simple success factors to their projects via a customer centred advisory and consulting service offering.

Our Partners

Location doesn’t matter anymore, our consulting services are borderless and flexible. Chi-X-Re federates a network of like minded actuaries and risk professionals that could be exactly what you need, even if not exactly where you are. The world is turning the clock back on some aspects of globalization but virtual collaboration is uniting the spaces around actuarial ideas.
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